Student Feedback

Self Compassion Workshop - with Aly Waibel and Margy Lim

“The self compassion class allowed me time to appreciate and celebrate myself and the amazing amount of capacity we all have for love.”

“Your session was wonderful. I not only came away with feeling full but also with much to muse about in the coming days/weeks/and more. You are a terrific team! It was a pleasure watching you both, as the workshop unfolded.”

“The two of you were so well prepared, spoke knowledgeably and compassionately about the subject and facilitated participation that was rich and sweet at the same time.”

Are you stuck in self recrimination, even despicable self-thoughts? Try the locally available Self Compassion Workshope. Be well, be at peace, find fulfillment.”

“This workshop perfectly supports a quote I live by… As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. So to it is with learning and applying self compassion.”

“This workshop provides a participant with valuable knowledge about learning how to feel and express compassion for herself or himself. The trainers also present a practical framework for how to effectively express compassion toward both oneself and others. These are learned through experiential exercises. Some are shared with others, and some such as guided meditations, are private. The trainers also demonstrate a useful framework to further deepen self-compassion on one’s own following the workshop.”

Compassion Cultivation Training

“I’m more calm. Not as quick to react, I have more awareness of others’ suffering vs. being judgmental and dismissive. My life and my family’s life is forever changed for the better.

Aly fully immersed her own self and life with these teachings and this can be felt with the authenticity and loving presentation of the material. Thank you for being real!

After the 3rd or 4th week I knew that I wanted to incorporate this with the rest of my life and work.”

-Rebecca P.

“I just completed this 8-week course on cultivating compassion and it has helped me in so many tangible ways: I have a daily meditation practice (for 3 mos), a longer fuse, an ability to breathe deeply through tough moments or situations, am more direct, act more courageously and feel more connected to those in my life as well as all others with whom I share this planet.

I cannot say enough about what a great experience this was for me, how lovely it was to share this class with other students, and what an engaging and knowledgeable teacher Aly is. If you want to up your personal vibe and learn some amazing things (there are great physiological benefits from this course!), sign up.”

– Chelsea C.

“This course was literally life changing for me. I can’t say enough about it to enough people in my circles. Just thank you!”

– Erin R.

“I experience greater well-being, less fear. I enjoy having this tool. I almost always feel happier after I practice.

Aly took the time needed to respond to students and answer questions. She used reflective listening and paraphrased what people said to acknowledge what was said and to be certain she heart it correctly. She is calm and gentle. there was no pressure applied, no criticism.”

-Jill Winter

“I learned that I do have a bit of compassion. I enjoyed the group and different personalities. I’m more tolerant, I listen mindfully and listen before judging”

– George Roskop

“I found the CCT course to be life shifting, both personally and professionally. The homework and in-class exercises, combined with guided meditations, provided a solid and meaningful foundation for personal, professional, psychological, and spiritual development and expansion.

The wisdom, knowledge, kindness, and compassion with which Dr. Waibel facilitated every class was palpable—and encouraged me to incorporate this firsthand learning into my day-to-day life experiences. In our complex world, awareness and practice of CCT is a gift of collective fortune.”

-Lori N.

“Even after several years, I still feel what a gift it is to have been in the course.  I feel like I am able to connect to my truest self and what I want most for the world through compassion meditation.

Compassion meditation has given me essential tools for facing difficult times.  I believe that being actively compassionate connects us to each other in ways that are profoundly transformative for all.”

-Lisa Kiser

“This is the first such class I’ve taken and the first longer-term commitment to a formal, spiritual practice for many years. I discovered a much deeper level of concentration and pleasure from the guided meditations than from previous techniques I used regularly for many years.

I have felt compassion for a long time but never quantified it. Having the guidance is very helpful.”

-Steve Ross

“Two hours went by very quickly because Aly kept us fully engaged in practice and discussion. How nourishing it is to find yourself present for 2 hours. The deep sharing and group practices created a sweet connection in the group.

The benefits have been many.  Most importantly I have learned to be less hard on myself and others. Every day I wake up with the intention to be more compassionate and I think of ways to share the “love” as I know how much this sharing can make a difference in others’ lives. 

The class helps you take the focus off yourself and your habitual thoughts. Taking the focus off yourself and placing it with others builds compassion.

I hug those I love much more and am able to verbalize my love more freely. My habitual ways of reacting to others has decreased. We all are alike in that we all suffer. Getting in touch with the fact that we all suffer, we all want to be happy makes one realize that we are more alike then different. This class exceeded my expectations. It motivates me to continue cultivating compassion and to make a difference in other people’s lives.”

-Jeannie F.

“I’ll stop before responding (in most cases), I think of how I feel before reacting. Those are great gifts to find in 8 short weeks!”

“Aly has a gentle way about her and an acute sense of how to summarize and reflect – she’s a great listener.”

“Super listener. Not reactive at all.”

“Aly was solid and flexible, was incredibly respectful fielding all questions, allowing and encouraging discussion.”

“Aly created a well-structured and supportive environment for effective learning.”