Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) is an 8 week personal and professional development course designed at Stanford University and taught around the world by Certified Teachers.  The program includes practical tools and exercises designed to enhance your awareness, compassion and resilience.

Thupten Jinpa, the lead author of the CCT curriculum, says, “What CCT aims to do is to make people become more aware and more connected with their compassionate nature so that their instinctive response to a given situation will come from that compassionate, understanding standpoint rather than negative, excessive judgment”

Why is it important?

CCT will support you to improve your relationships with friends, family, clients, patients, staff and coworkers.

You’ll walk away from each CCT class with tools and practices you can immediately put to work. CCT will help you:

  • Improve awareness
  • Increase connection to others
  • Decrease the distress you may feel in difficult situations

Benefits of compassion cultivation

Actively practicing compassion can:
  • Boost your courage to be present and resourceful in the face of life’s challenges
  • Calm your nervous system and strengthen your capacity for meaningful relationships
  • Prevent empathy fatigue and energize you as you care for others

Please see this additional information about potential benefits of compassion cultivation for caregivers and in the workplace.

What’s the class like?

CCT is a two-hour weekly interactive class. Here’s what to expect:

  • Group discussion to share learning experiences
  • Guided meditation to improve awareness
  • Listening and communication exercises to build compassionate interactions

You’ll also have daily homework of one guided meditation per day and informal practices to try as you go about your day.

Is CCT for me?

Yes, CCT is for you if you want to increase your awareness and cultivate compassion for yourself and others. CCT students are community leaders, business owners, parents, caregivers, retirees, educators, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, therapists, executives, public servants, healers, artists, CEOs and people from all walks of life.

Click here to read students’ comments about CCT. 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about whether or not CCT is for you at this time in your life.

Does it work?

Initial studies on CCT point to the power of the program. Click here to check out CCT research.